Sports Day and Harvesting Rice

. . . are two unrelated things I took part in last weekend.

Sports Day is the same annual school event that I talked about last year. Alas, this time my vantage point was lousy, so I don’t have any good pictures. This will have to serve.

Hibarigaoka Taiikukai

Sports Day at my current school was fairly similar to how it was organized at my first school, but there was one big difference. Rather than doing pyramids and other mass acrobatics, the boys did a dance. They were less than enthusiastic.


The following day I harvested rice with some teachers from the special needs school (where I worked every Friday for my first term), also accompanied by their families and a new JET and his wife. I did this last year, although it was in October that time. Last year I forgot my camera, but I didn’t make that mistake again.

Rice Harvesting 1

Grain! Sickles! Barbecue!

Rice Harvesting 2

Okay, the barbecue part isn’t pictured, but we did have one. But first we cleared the plot. We only did half of it by hand, then the kids got to drive a combine.

Rice Combine


I still owe an explanation of Yasukuni Shrine, but I’ll leave that for my next post. If I don’t put this entry up now, then I won’t get to it until Saturday, and then it would be that much less likely that I’ll write or at least start another post this weekend. So I’m hitting Publish.


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2 Responses to “Sports Day and Harvesting Rice”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Hey, is that Ichiro in the blue coveralls?…, wait, he is still enduring the sucky end of the M’s season…. Once again, pretty cool pictures….I don’t know why I wasn’t expecting telephone poles etal in the countryside, but I wasn’t…betcha the kids loved drving the combine!

  2. Plants and Animals of Japan « Erratic Dispatches Says:

    […] with houses or farms.  On the bright side, the average rice paddy is utterly teeming with life.  I harvested rice twice while living in Kobe, and both times, as the plot was cleared, frogs and insects fled the […]

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