As I said in my last post, “cute” is king in Japan, to the point where many adult women adopt exaggeratedly squeaky voices and childish mannerisms in attempts at being cute.  The results can be cringe-inducing. But it’s not all bad.  Some people manage genuine cuteness.  And some do it really well.

Prime example:  Maki Horikita (堀北真希, Horikita Maki).

This video doesn’t demonstrate it, but she uses a natural speaking voice, which wins extra credit in my book.


2 Responses to “Cute”

  1. nicole Says:

    that was quite enjoyable, actually! In part, it’s the lilting quality that makes it not the cringing cute. And pretty cool how the people in the background start to try to dance with her – makes one smile.

  2. Ellen Says:

    Hi there, nice lifestyle in Japan!
    I am going over to Japan soon, hopefully I will get experiences like you do.

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