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Last Monday, the police searched the headquarters of the Yamaguchi-gumi yakuza. This was in Kobe’s Nada Ward and my school is in Higashi (“East”) Nada Ward. So the headquarters of the largest criminal organization in Japan (47% of all yakuza) is just a train stop away from work. Good to know.

In other news:  Today, in Higashi Nada Ward, the city is removing an unexploded WWII bomb. Sixty-two years have passed and they still turn up every once in a while.


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6 Responses to “In the News”

  1. Nicole Says:

    So have any of those bombs exploded? The article was interesting in several ways, one being the open knowledge of who’s who and where they are, what they do. Also, is it typical for Japanese newspapers to have English version available?

  2. kevinjames Says:

    I don’t think any of the bombs have exploded, but I don’t know. This one was dealt with without incident.

    The big newspapers in Japan all have English versions online, and some have print editions, but in either form, the English versions are smaller than the originals (i.e. not all articles get translated).

  3. The Drunken Vandal Says:

    “Sixty-two years have passed and they still turn up every once in a while.”

    So people just decide to build a pond in the backyard and find bombs every so often?

  4. kevinjames Says:

    Something like that. During the war, Kobe was a major production center for ships and fighter planes, so the city was bombed really heavily. But it’s not like people find bombs every week. In all of Japan, one bomb will be found (usually by a construction project) every couple years.

  5. Nicole Says:

    so do they feature any other languages in Japan? or is it mainly Japanese and English… And on an off topic note, is Michael Jackson coming to Kobe? (oh lucky Japan, he’s at least in Tokyo…..)

  6. kevinjames Says:

    I don’t know about print editions, but the major newspapers only have Japanese and English versions of their websites.

    As for Michael Jackson . . . I have no idea.

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