Technical Difficulties

On the weekend before last, I bought a TV tuner/capture card so that I can watch and record TV on my computer (I don’t have an actual TV). Alas, when the card is installed, my computer won’t power on. I’ve figured out that the tuner card is tripping my computer’s over-voltage protection, so that power cuts off right after I push the on button. That’s pretty weird. The opposite problem – the card drawing too much power – would make sense, but since the tuner isn’t connected to anything but the computer, how would it be feeding power back into the system?  I imagine the card is just broken, whatever the case. Right now I’m waiting for a reply from tech support. Hopefully they’ll send me a replacement, but meanwhile this headache has eaten up way too much time.

But in good news: Today I received official notice that my request to re-contract for a second year of JET has been accepted. Woot! Also, a few posts back, I mentioned that I was helping some students prepare for the English test and interview for the special, international high school. Two of the three got in, so congratulations to them.


6 Responses to “Technical Difficulties”

  1. Doug Says:

    Congratulations on re-upping with JET. This should provide you with many more opportunities to see the country, learn the language, and defer making career plans. Woot woot!

  2. Nicole Says:

    Hurray!! and congrats as well to those two students! (and their teacher!) What exactly is the special international high school?

  3. The Drunken Vandal Says:

    HURRAY!! Good job on the re-contract!

    Sorry to hear about the computer though.

  4. Barthe Says:

    I think it is a great idea to spend 2 years in Japan. Now on my one constant note: China. When, exactly, will you have a vacation so you can take a trip to China?

  5. Mari Says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I finally caught up on your blog. Congratulations on getting a second year.
    One step closer to being the US ambassader to Japan.
    I sure would love to visit you during the ‘spring break’, but alas my finances won’t allow it.

  6. kevinjames Says:

    Thanks for the well-wishing!

    So no one is able to visit, which I figured would be the case. Oh well. As for making any trips to China, the first week of May might be my best opportunity. I need to do some planning. I spent too much time distracted by my computer woes.

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