Culture Festival #2

Last Saturday, I had the Culture Festival for my second school, with the requisite teachers’ dinner-and-drinks party afterwards. The festival was alternately entertaining, touching, and painful (as I mentioned in my first post, my second school is for severely disabled students). Dinner was excellent, but really random: The courses were sashimi, salad, pasta with Italian sausage, fried chicken and French fries, and ice cream. The individual parts were all very good, but the resulting meal was a bit too uncoordinated. I’ve encountered that weird eclecticism in other multi-course meals I’ve had at restaurants here (for other teacher parties), but now that I’m thinking about it, I wonder if this case might be slightly different. The memo about the location for the party encouraged people who knew the restaurant to tell the coordinator if they had any menu items that they really wanted to eat, so maybe the dinner was made from requests rather than a fixed set of courses.

That wasn’t the end of the bonding and face-stuffing, though. On Sunday, I went to a barbecue with a few of the teachers from that school. I had a great time, but that took up the rest of the weekend. The other teachers got Monday off in compensation for Saturday, but I go to my main school on Mondays, so no such luck for me.


Weird. I thought I posted this two days ago, but apparently I hit “save” rather than “publish.”


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5 Responses to “Culture Festival #2”

  1. Nicole Says:

    fried chicken and french fries??? what happened to the mashed potatoes??? and the flavor of the ice cream was? (I’m thinking of Iron Chef ice cream…but that’s probably the wrong direction, eh?)

  2. kevinjames Says:

    The ice cream wasn’t anything crazy. It may have just been vanilla, but I can’t remember. Still, I want to stress that all the food was excellent. It’s just that it felt like a 10-year-old had been put in charge of choosing everything after the salad.

  3. Nicole Says:

    so was it 10 year old adults (the teachers) or 10 year old kids (the students) choosing…..or maybe, to be fair, the adults were choosing for the kids….

  4. kevinjames Says:

    No, no, the dinner was a teachers only affair. This was one of the many drinking/dinner parties that teachers are fond of here. Part of the price for dinner included all-you-can-drink for 90 minutes. So 10-year-old adults were to blame.

  5. Nicole Says:

    good grief! I didn’t even think of that option (10 year old adults for 10 year old adults….). And so how much can you drink in 90 minutes?????

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